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Junior Driver Development Programme


The Junior Driver Development Programme is run under the umbrella of the already hugely successful Go

Motorsport Management Group which manages the careers of racing drivers already competing in cars. The

aim of the Junior Driver Development Programme is to identify the next generation of drivers and nurture their talent, giving them the skills they need both on and off the track so they can progress seamlessly  to the next level of the sport.


GMM aims to deliver these key factors to its junior athletes:

1 - Ensure that the athlete is in the best possible seat at all times with a well thought out career path in place.

2 - Ensure that the athlete is in the best possible physical and mental shape and has fully prepared for each        event.

3 - Ensure that the junior driver receives the best advice and coaching from our in house driver coaches.

4 - Ensure that the athlete benefits from the best possible commercial strategy and efforts.

5 - During the season the junior driver will be invited to attend events as a guest of our current race drivers competing in cars so they can experience what happens at a race weekend first hand in the paddock, we will also introduce the driver to many key people in the industry.

GMM will advise the junior driver making sure he/she is placed in the right team in the right series .

It is vitally important that the junior driver has the right people around them at this early stage of their career, being advised and coached by experienced people along with benefiting from the right training and diet programmes.  

The program was designed to mentor the most promising young drivers, establish them as a driver, build their profile along with giving them the tools needed to develop and improve their interpersonal skills, to becoming well rounded individuals off track and preparing them for the next step into cars when they are ready. 

The Future


We understand that the athletes career moves in stages and by managing them in a correct and professional manor through GMM can guarantee longevity of their career by a process driven infrastructure which ultimately  allows them professional and financial security that lasts beyond their competitive careers. By making certain that our athletes are in the right place, deliver the best possible commercial strategy and build their brand we can ensure a smooth and profitable transition to the next phase of their careers.

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