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        Go Motorsport Management – Optimising Talent


Go Motorsport Management (GMM) is based at Silverstone, UK with our Sporting Director for North America

based near COTA, Austin, Texas


GMM has an extensive understanding of the world of International Motorsport and enjoys a high-level of

success in sports management, contract negotiations, elite performance coaching and public relations.

GMM aims are to deliver three key factors for its clients.


   1. Ensure that the athlete is in the best possible seat at all times with a well thought out career path in place


   2. Ensure that the athlete is in the best possible physical and mental shape

       and has fully prepared for each event


   3. Ensure that the athlete benefits from the best possible commercial strategy and efforts;


The Best Seat in the House/ Right seat, Right time, Right now

We appreciate how difficult it can be to get in front of the right people, but at GMM we take time in working closely with our clients ensuring that they do exactly that.


The Group’s history of working in the International motorsport arena for the past 20 years has placed us in a unique position to conclude negotiations with team and rights holders from Karting right through to Formula One.


Getting the right seat is key for both the young and aspiring drivers to the more established names in the paddocks. 


At GMM we have unparalleled knowledge of deal making and a vast network of industry contacts. We also have the best in the business working for us which is why we are in an outstanding position to ensure that our athletes are in the right seats at the right time. 





With GMM’s roots firmly established in the competitive world of driver management, we, unlike our fellow

athlete management companies, have an enviable reputation as a deal deliverer and an uninterrupted record

of success in brokering driver contracts at the highest of levels.

In today’s motorsport arena raw talent is not enough. Athletes are not only expected to be sportsmen but also

role models, brand ambassadors and politicians. 

At GMM we have the expertise, the drive and resources to help guarantee our athletes the best support in both

personal brand building, elite performance coaching and career goal setting.

We have a long history of working closely within motorsport  and continue to deliver personalised PR

programmes ensuring maximum noise for its clients having extensive experienced in delivering bespoke

newsworthy campaigns, with an in-depth understanding of the media, and consumer groups 

It is proven in its ability to deliver PR solutions for its athletes across mainstream, consumer, and sporting

platforms, building their brand and maximising each and every opportunity.

It’s core expertise lies in: personalised PR programmes, bespoke feature placements, along with event

planning and execution, promotions and media relations.



                                     The Future


We understand that athletes’ careers move in stages and by managing them in a correct and professional

manner throughout GMM can guarantee longevity of their career by a process driven infrastructure which

ultimately allows them professional and financial security that last beyond their competitive careers; By

making certain that our athletes are in the right place, deliver the best possible commercial strategy and

build their brand we can ensure a smooth and profitable transition to the next phase of their careers. 

  • Sponsorship acquisition assistance
  • Bespoke driver presentations
  • Endorsement opportunities
  • Business development
  • Personal appearance management
  • Press release and media management
  • Media training
  • Social media optimisation
  • Website management
  • Event attendance
  • Brand management
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Licensing product and brand co-ordination
  • Endorsements
  • Profile building

Commercial Management:

Driver Management:

  • Career path strategy
  • Driver/Team negotiation
  • Team relationship management
  • Contract negotiations
  • Contract renewals
  • Contract management
  • Simulator coaching
  • Training, health and physical fitness
  • Personal fitness development
  • Mental Performance and Mind-set Management
  • Medical management
  • Lifestyle management and relocation assistance

Sponsor - Consulting & Activation:

  • Sponsor/Partner representation

  • Bespoke brand presentations

  • Sponsorship negotiations & management

  • Creative activation programmes

  • Livery design

  • Hospitality & guest management

  • Corporate sponsorship optimisation

  • Sponsor consultation

  • Creative services & ideation

  • B2B development

  • Event management

  • Employee incentives & engagement programmes

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