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10 Questions with Ben Hurst

How old were you when you started racing ?

I started racing when I was 16 years old.

Do you remember your first race if so where was it?

I do remember my first race it was at Canadian Tire Motorsports park also known as Mosport. It is such a fun track to drive with loads of high-speed corners

Are you superstitious?

I am slightly superstitious. I always get into the car from the left side for some reason. Also when I got my first podium in racing it was pouring rain and my normal race gloves had gotten wet so I had to switch to my back up gloves which were bright blue. I hadn’t worn the gloves since then and not given it another thought until when I was racing in Florida. Just before the race we had a massive thunderstorm and I had to switch again to my back up blue gloves. That was my first race win! Then go on another year the rain was so bad for the last weekend of British F3 I had to switch again and got my first F3 podium! So that’s why I would say I am slightly superstitious.

Favourite colour and number?

My Favourite colour is Blue and my favorite number is 3 its always been my racing number.

Which racing driver has inspired you the most and why ?

I would say Lewis Hamilton because what he has be able to do in his F1 career is incredible. I also really like the way he approaches racing to make sure every aspect is perfect no matter how fast his car is. He has also really helped the popularity of F1 around the world because he is so good with his sponsors especially in North America

How did you come up with the design for your helmet ?

I was really going for a Canadian theme on my helmet so I started by having the maple leaf on the top. Then I wanted to include some blue, black and white stripes then we ended up with my helmet.

What is your favourite track and why?

I would definitely say Spa. I absolutely loved driving around it this season in the F3 car. It is just a fast and flowing track with loads of elevation change.

Any disappointments this season?

Brands hatch race two comes to mind. It was my only DNF all season due to a driver error. I think we had the pace to do really well there however that race just didn’t go our way.

What was your best race this season and why?

My best race this season would have to be Snetterton coming home in 8thplace it really stands out as one of my better races.

How would you sum up your season?

I would sum up my season as a learning year in F3 seeing as it was such a change from what I had been racing previously. Learning to race a car with downforce and slick tires was an experience and also the level of competition compared to Canada has been incredible and really teaches drivers not to make any small mistakes what so ever! It has been such a valuable and great learning experi

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