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10 Questions with Max Bird

How old were you when you started racing ?

I started karting in 2007 and then started car racing in 2016

Do you remember your first race if so where was it ?

My first race in karts was shennington kart club which was wet against 34 drives included Lando Norris and George Russell

Are you superstitious ?

Not really but I think that if i have a desert the night before the race it makes me faster

Favourite colour and number ?

My favourite colour is Baby Blue, it’s what my car and helmet livery was mainly this year and 44 is my favourite number

Which racing driver has inspired you the most and why ?

Lewis Hamilton even though i don’t like him so much now, he didn’t come from a particularly wealthy background but shows that with great mental strength and determination you can achieve your goals

How did you come up with the design for your helmet ?

I’mpretty good with photoshop and decided to play around and see what I could come up with so using my favourite colour I designed it myself

What is your favourite track and why ?

Zandvoort in Holland as its high speed and tight there is no room for error, it’s got high braking and fast minimum speed corners so really exciting to drive

Any disappointments this season ?

Yes a few, but things that were out of my control for example other drivers not being in control of their cars and also some small issues with my mental strength but we worked on that

What was your best race this season and why ?

Race 1 at the final round at Donnington park, I didn’t get the best start and dropped to 7th then managed to come back and win the race very comfortably! In fact the whole event was great for me with two wins and a third, a great way to end the season

How would you sum up your season ?

The season started off well and just got better, if I hadn’t been taken out in a few races I would have finished 2nd in the championship. The main difference was thanks to my Performance coach David,

we worked really hard on some of the areas I was not so strong on and continued to work closely throughout the season and I think that really showed with my results as the season went on

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